Transpiration Experiment:

Class 4.jpgClass 2.jpgClass 1.jpgClass 5.jpg
Class 3.jpgClass 7.jpgClass 6.jpg

Faces we made to imitate the gorilla. We read a nonfiction text called Gorillas.

student pic gorilla face.jpg

Candy Experiment: October 27, 2017

student pic candy exp 1.jpgstudent pic candy 2.jpg
student pic candy 3.jpgstudent pic candy 4.jpg
student pic candy 5.jpgstudent pic candy 6.jpg
student pic candy 7.jpg

Physical Change Experiments

Physical Change Student pic 2.jpgPhysical Change Student pic 1.jpg

Chemical Change Experiments:

Chemical 1.jpgChemical 2.jpg
Chemical 3.jpgChemical 4.jpg

Roller Coasters: