Reading Activities:

Biopoem Format:

Line 1: First Name
Line 2: Title or contribution
Line 3: Four words that describe the person
Line 4: Lover of (3 things or ideas)
Line 5: Who Believed (1 or more ideas)
Line 6: Who Wanted (3 things)
Line 7: Who Used (3 methods or things)
Line 8: Who Gave (2 or more things)
Line 9: Who Said (a quote)
Line 10: Last Name:

I AM Poem Format: Write sentences for each line.

Stanza 1:
I am (two special characteristics about the person)
I wonder
I hear
I see
I want
I am (repeat the first line)

Stanza 2:
I pretend
I feel
I touch
I worry
I cry
I am (first line of the poem repeated)

Stanza 3:
I understand
I say
I dream
I try
I am (first line of the poem repeated)

Character Chart: Comic Strip Template:

Examples from Tuck Essay
One Crazy Summer Writing Activities:
Examples from Mrs. Frisby Essay
Frisby Writing 1.JPG

Frisby Writing 3.JPG
Examples of a Level 4 Essay for There's A Boy:Boy Writing 1.JPG

Boy Writing.JPG